The worst opposition

In my talks and writings, I like to prepare myself for the worst conceivable opposition. Perhaps a fruitless, quixotic quest, since the Holy Spirit has promised in Mark 13:11 to speak through me to address the really hard questions.

To me, the worst opposition I can think of is a guy in the audience who wants to find hypocrisy in me that he can use to discredit my talk of his need for salvation. He will try to make my sins the star of the show.

Let us start with the scenario that such an opponent to me has never seen me before. He knows nothing about me, only what others of my ilk have been doing against him.

“Oh, my God! Give me a stinkin’ break! That is the single most hypocritical thing I have ever seen anywhere! That angel bear avatar puts all the neat three-piece suits worn by every other ‘Christian’ to an open shame! No honkin’ way you can be an angel bear!”

You know something? You’re absolutely right! I’m not an angel bear. You want to know what I really am? Right-click on my avatar. Out of the pie menu, click Profile. When the Profile menu comes up, click the 1st Life tab. There, you will see a picture of the human that I really am.

Now such an opponent might say, “Mr. Eddy (that is my real name) if lying is so wrong, so abhorrent to you, why do you lie to me about what you are? Why do you present yourself to me as something everyone knows you can’t be?”

Good question. Very good question. Let us forget for the moment that the guy asking the question might be a ghastly white-skinned drow elf warrior wearing a skin-tight black leather suit with straps, buckles, chains, and spikes all over it, wielding a meat cleaver sword heavy enough to give most normal humans a hernia, and focus on how I so totally misrepresent myself, shall we. You want to talk about me? Fine. We’ll talk about me. I am the world’s foremost expert on that subject.

I want to be something that is very comforting to the observer. You can’t get much more comforting than a cross of guardian angel and teddy bear. I want you to look at me and see somebody who is totally on your side. If you want a shoulder to cry on (and don’t mind getting a face full of angel wing), look no further.

If we operate under the assumption that all forms of lying make God very unhappy, even the neverending fancy dress party that we call Second Life, then I do indeed have much to answer for to the Almighty. But then, isn’t that the exact point I’ve been making all along? We all sin! We’re all in trouble!

“Hold it right there, Mr. Eddy! Stop dragging me into this! We’re talking about you! You admit to all present how phony baloney your appearance is. Why should I give your words any more weight?”

Well, it would appear that I’ve done a very good job of painting myself into a corner, haven’t I? I got myself. Tried and convicted. No getting out of this. No way!

The words I say are not mine. I quote other sources, written by people who never to my knowledge thought of pretending to be anything but human. You will have to read about them quite extensively before you can discredit them.

I won’t discredit them for you. I’ve done enough work for you already today by discrediting myself.


One thought on “The worst opposition

  1. I’m not so sure you discredit yourself. The avatars of Second Life are a form of fiction, granted, but when something is openly related as fiction, where is the injury?

    I admit that there are narrow people who are unable to see the difference between a lie and a story. They are to be pitied because they will never understand the gift from our Creator that is imagination. If they are true to their beliefs, their children will never hear fairy tales, know the fun of talking animals that gently show us ourselves, or the teaching stories of our religion. They will also be ignorant of the inner nature of Man and his relation to God; something often best brought out in fiction or near fiction rather than documentation. Did I say, “near fiction?” Yes, because somethings can’t be related safely without a bit of fogging. Does the sane preacher stand before the congregation and point at the secret adulterers and name them when a subtle word or private meetings will set them back on the road to God’s Grace? No, he teaches about the subject in such a way that they will hopefully get the message but no one else will be able to identify them. To do otherwise would ask for murder, yet another sin and tragedy.

    Keep your fur George. Maybe sometime I’ll bump into you in Second Life and, let’s face it, you generally don’t run into all that many winged bears.

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