New line of work

On a tip from Jo Young of JobLeaders, I’m going to go down to their office this afternoon and put in for some logistics training that they’re offering.

Jo says logistics is second only to nursing in hand over fist growth. I agreed to show up next Monday afternoon for the prescreening for the training program.

Why am I agreeting to do this? Well, I am starting to Get the Message. I think that there might be a glut in the call center job market, or at least the kind that I want that is inbound and deals with tech support. There are plenty of call centers that want credit card collectors. My bad credit makes me ill suited to collecting, and on top of that, I am compassionate and a little bit too spineless to hold a firm position against the protests of callers. I would maybe not hold up well under much more begging and complaining.

And of course, there is also Affinion Group, who makes their money by trapping people into useless subscription services with little or no benefit to credit card holders. I believe they call that posttransaction marketing. They seem to show up at just about every job fair I go to, and there seems to be always the smell of smoke and brimstone around their table.

There is one thing that concerns me, though. Supposing I am approved for training in logistics. It takes time to learn how to drive a forklift. Do I keep putting in for call center jobs in the meantime? What’s the deal here?

I’ll know a little bit better when I go downtown and ask around.


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