Who’ll stop the rain?

Tonight, Overcomers Church Worldwide will be going into the third night of a week-long series of revival services called Let It Rain. It will be my pleasure to add my creative touch to these services by providing some special effects.

I can’t believe Pastors Kaboom Daxter and Samuele Shepherd would call their revival Let It Rain and would not invest in a weather effects generator to produce rain on cue. They’ve never shied away from building and rezzing various other visual aids to support their sermons. At one time, Pastor Kaboom hung a giant whale from the ceiling to go with his sermon on the prophet Jonah and on another occasion rezzed a red Ferrari and wore mechanic’s coveralls to speak on the proper maintenance of one’s spiritual walk with God.

So during the worship music portion of the 10:30 AM Sunday morning service, I quickly slipped out and bought a LOLO Weather FX unit. This consists of a Cloudspeaker control HUD, and an invisible Cloud Seed prim that you can position anywhere in the sim you want and it will on cue emit all the fleecy white and threatening dark clouds, light and heavy rain, thunder sound effects, and snow.

As with all other times when I was all hopped up and furiously busy getting ready to do the Absolute Coolest Thing, Insight Roadrunner would intervene with yet another of their signal to noise ratio issues that would plague my whole Shanley Drive neighborhood.

It was during the worship portion of last night’s revival service. On the huge video screen over the stage, Pastor Kaboom called up a worship music video he concocted based on Rick Pino’s song “Rain“. That was my cue to make my Cloud Seed cut loose with a thunderstorm. A good torrential downpour began to drench the virtual church sanctuary. Avatars danced club dances and swayed back and forth with arms raised in worship.

An IM came in from Pastor Samuele: “Is this part of that weather machine you were talking about? This is great!”

Yes, it was great.

And then my Second Life viewer started to seize up. I was losing my Internet connection.

It would be just like God to do just that, to remind me at the worst possible time how beyond my control even a virtual world is. “You got the rain going? Good! Now get lost. I don’t need you anymore.” And He would send me yet another Internet outage.

I frantically troubleshot my modem, fearing that the featured speaker of the night, Pastor Kaboom’s mother (borrowing his wife’s avatar Cardinalgift Falconer), would have to deliver her entire sermon in a driving rain while I’m on my cell phone to Insight being told that my neighborhood is offline again. This is not good.

My Cloud Seed is menu driven. If I can catch Pastor Kaboom before service tonight, I’m going to see if it’s possible for the pastor to access that menu and stop the rain in case I crash again. Keep your fingers crossed.


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