Pulpit in my future?

On Tuesday night’s Let It Rain revival Service at Overcomers Chruch Worldwide, Grace Cuthbertsson, a guest speaker from the Vine Community Church, had just given a surprisingly good message on how conditions have to be just right for the Holy Spirit rain to fall. Amid simulated rain from my weather effects generator, the prayer and seeking of the Lord was intense.

The Lord used me to bring forth a message that the clay used by the potter needs to be moist to be soft and workable. He cannot use dry clay.

“Why would you remain parched?” said the Lord with my voice.

Pastor Samuele Shepherd was impressed with my coming forward with a message from the Lord. First, he warned me that I’d better be ready to take the pulpit very soon. And he gave me the last of the newbie apartments on the Fand region for my avatar to live for only L$1 a week.

I’m thrilled, but scared. In the past, I have been satisfied all too easily. I’ve found it sufficient to stop after only 15 minutes of stand-up comedy routine or 500 words of blog post. Now I’m being asked to last longer, speaking on more serious topics.

I am reminded of the Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants, where coach Grant Taylor tells Brock Kelley to crawl across the football field with another football player on his back. He blindfolds Brock, explaining, “I don’t want you giving up at a certain point when you can go farther.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not a good idea to compare myself to that, since the issue here is not physical strength, but how many Gospel resources I can bring together for what hopefully will be at least half an hour of talk. I have access to quite a few online resources, but these are so overwhelming that I cannot decide on what my first message will be.

Maybe that’s where the praying part comes in.

I’m pretty much decided on what the style of my delivery will be. I’m going to be a very visual preacher, making extensive use of presentation slides. I’m a graphics freak, more likely to work with OpenOffice Impress than I am with any other component of OpenOffice.

I’m going to make heavy use of notes. As far as I’m concerned, this will not be  much different from oral presentations I’ve delivered at school, with the possible exception of where I’m talking.

I’ve worked very hard on my avatar, animations, and gestures, trying to make my angel bear as expressive as I can make him.

And I’m not going to ease off very much on the humor. I think people will be more impressed with the offbeat way my brain works than with anything else about me.

I can do this. I know I can. But can I do it for long enough?


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