My first public message

This is the thing I wanted to tell you about before I dived off onto that tangent about RFID chips and the Mark of the Beast. Last night, I delivered my first sermon at Overcomers Church Worldwide in the Fand region of Second Life.

I wanted to do a couple of things as I spoke that I saw neither Pastor Samuele nor Pastor Sid doing. The first is use slides as part of my talk. My slide presenter of choice is Presentation Screen V7.1 from Prospero’s Gadgets & Miscellany. Not only is that presenter free, but it also preloads five slide images into it so your transition from one slide to the next is seamless and immediate. And you can also turn on a “laser pointer” for pointing at your slides. That being said, that part went well except for one instance where I forgot to advance a slide.

The other was to use gestures and animations to make my avatar more expressive. I did an awful lot of preparatory work beforehand on this, making sure that Skye Vanistok could point at his audience and spread his arms and shake his head on cue, but when the time came to actually speak, this did not work out as well as I had hoped. You see, I’m a heavy user of notecards, and I had this particularly long one up on the screen that needed to be advanced every now and then, and I’d always leave my cursor up in that notecard. When the time came when I needed to type in that special command triggering the gesture that I wanted from my avatar, the command would be typed fruitlessly into the notecard.

Now, I’m pretty sure this boo-boo can be ironed out with practice, but that means I’ll have to write more messages and compose more presentation slides. More work in the study.

Oh, and one more thing…

I’ll be off this afternoon seeking a job with an inventory counting service. Please pray for the Lord’s favor as I interview for this position.

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