Half a job

Well, I do have good news to report today. I was just hired by RGIS Inventory Service. I just completed my paid training this morning at a Burlington Coat Factory on the east side of town. The supervisor liked my experience 4 years ago with WIS International and took me on yesterday.

Take that, o ye naysayer side of my mind that accuses me of getting off on persecution. I know and appreciate when good things happen.

The bad news is that this is a part time job that will probably work me 30 hours a week on the average and will not net me enough to pay for my car or my cable service. I will need another part-time job to supplement it. I’ve already looked into Craigslist for some writing gigs with some business blogs. I emailed out some resumés and told them to look back here for a good example of my writing skills.

Already I got back email from an automailer linking me back to slick sites that I hate so much. It’s the classic trap laid out for job seekers, promising weekly earnings into the thousands of dollars (Baloney!) and the pay-to-play system I hate so much. An introductory 7 days at $2.98 followed by monthly charges to your credit card of $49.95. And for what? Old information relisted from other places like Freelancer.com.

The sad part is the best Craigslist can do is remove their ads when we flag them, and wouldn’t know squat about the false ads without honest folk like you and me, and the ads only come right back every other day or so. It’s getting to be a full-time job flagging false help wanted ads from scam artists, and I don’t see anyone stepping forward to pay me to do it.

I need to set a bigger natural enemy against them than the mosquito I would be flagging their ads for removal. I wonder if it’s possible to report them to my state attorney general to get them sued or prosecuted. Does the fact that I didn’t fall for the scam disqualify me from tipping off the AG?

I’ll definitely have to look into that.


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