Eventful week

First off, I’ll give you one in a little nutshell one of those good news/bad news deals. I found a job with RGIS Inventory, which is good. The bad news is that it pays $8.00/hr and is part time. I expect no more than 30 hours per week on the average, about the same as my unemployment benefits. The only advantage is it isn’t slated to run out next August.

So I’ll need a second part time job to supplement it. I consulted Craigslist.org. I found some freelance copy writing ads there that looked for all the world like some employers in Columbus needed some copy rewritten. I emailed an answer, attached my resumé and a link back to my WordPress blog, and waited for their reply.

That was almost a mistake, because an autoresponder that called itself Debbie Taylor mailed me right back with a link that landed me on the Freelance Home Writers page, a slick-looking page with a green border and a picture of a thoughtful woman wearing glasses on it. Made me sick to see it, because all the scam warning signs were there. The unrealistic amounts of money to be had, another picture of a call center operator with a headset and the slogan “Operators Are Standing By” if you go deep enough into it and the nagging question: Where are they getting the money to pay for the web page and the operators?

Some additional investigation confirmed my suspicions. Other hapless folk took the bait, and now they are dealing with unauthorized charges made to their credit cards.

Why in the world was I expecting anything else from Craigslist? Brother, here’s your real sickness of the Internet. Blogs like mine, however drama-laden they may be, are still the sting of a mosquito compared to traps like this laid out for desperate job-seekers. I’ve already done my part against Freelance Home Writers. I’ve filled out a complaint against them at the web site of my state attorney general. Thankfully, I didn’t lose any money, but I complained on the basis that the best you can say about Freelance Home Writers is they are a technical school with a job placement service, and have no business advertising like an employer with openings to fill.

Heck! Even a real technical school knows when to stop charging you tuition when you’ve learned all you need to know.

So now I’m thinking I can still make this freelance writing thing work. All I have to do is find this little known information for which this scammer is soaking its suckers for $50 a month. After some research I found this site called Freelancer.com. Here, it is free for employers to advertise for all kinds of freelance workers from multitudes of disciplines, and free for said workers to sign on and bid on jobs.

They only time Freelancer.com charges is when an employer chooses a freelancer and the freelancer accepts the job. $5.00 or 10% of the earnings, whichever is greater. I’ve already won one job, where I have to write a bunch of 50-word descriptions for each of a chain of hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And for money that makes that scam site sound even more false.

There’s a good bit I want to tell you about my personal economics right now  but I’ll stop right here. God just answered your prayers to make me stop.


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