Four resolutions

For my 50th birthday, God gave me four resolutions to recite daily. Already, they’ve given me much peace, and I’ve exported them from my presentation software into my digital photo frame as a visual reminder.


Thank you, Lord, for letting me live this new day. Every day is a glorious gift from You and should be lived to the fullest.


In the name of Your Son Jesus, I rebuke the voice of the enemy. I reject his naysaying and his lies. I accept only the good and encouraging words that come from Your lips and your Your word.


Teach me to trust You. You promise in Your word that all my needs will be met (Phil. 4:19), but You are sovereign, and it is not my place to dictate to You how You will do this. I promise to gladly receive Your provisions in whatever form they take.


Last but not least, let Your will be done. Let my desires be lost in Yours. Let me want only what You want.

That #2 one can stand some bearing out. The devil delights in blaming me for my hard times, no matter how logically disconnected my hardships are from what I have or haven’t done. He loves to tell me that I’m not doing the right rain dance to get God to move on my behalf, or not sacrificing the right virgins to the right volcanoes. He’s not about to help me along toward getting it right, though. He gets off on my frustration; it’s the most hilarious thing in the world to him.

There’s a reason why there is no effective “rain dance”, no formula for getting God to rescue me when I want Him to. God wants to maintain His sovereignty. God would be nothing more than a genie in a bottle if He came running every time I yelled. Being God means being in charge, and more free to orchestrate the big picture. That’s why, every day, I have to reaffirm that it is His will to be done.

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