I need it now!

I am due to receive $150 from Breckenridge Apartments for referring SonicBlu and company to their new 3-BR townhome. However, what really honks me off was that this group of furries took December as their free month of residence here, and that means I don’t get my money until after they’ve paid rent for January, February, and March. Because in a fit of panic I paid an overdue payment on my car, I’ve left myself not enough money to pay the April rent.

Damn! I don’t need that money later. I need it now!! How am I going to get it now?

This morning through Craigslist.org, I found out that Volkert Distributing is expanding and looking for a few new people for office help, customer service, and general labor positions. This afternoon, I go after one of those jobs.

So whatever happened to inventory counting and freelance writing? Well, just browsed a few of the writing jobs being offered at Freelancer.com. I’m starting to see what a virtual sweatshop that site is. Let’s get real here. In most of the writing jobs offered there, what is sought by the employer are totally original, non-plagiarized articles, preferably carpet-bombed with keywords (sometimes many differently worded and phrased versions of the same article), that they can put on their site, slap God knows how many banner advertisements and links around it, and put it up on the Web, and hopefully Google will rank them way up there so they’ll be seen by lots of potential customers.

It really hurts those of us wanting to research certain topics on the Web. We are no longer assured articles written by knowledgable authorities. More often than not, we read the secondhand or thirdhand dreck of hack ghost writers instead.

These employers will pay as low as $1.00 for a 500 word article. It takes me roughly 45 minutes to an hour to write 500 words on topics I like and know. Imagine having to write 500 words on a subject far afield from my expertise for barely enough money for two cans of canned soup at Dollar General. I can’t stand that!

The crazy thing is there is no shortage of writers from English-speaking countries surrounding the Indian Ocean to eagerly snap up these jobs and help unscrupulous webmasters try to beat Google’s system. Too often, I lose work to these low-ballers. Forget it! I’m outta that scene!

It’s easily worth a dollar to write about what I like and not have to assail your eyes with the same phrase over and over again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have yet another job interview to go to.

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