The Kirby revelation

I got back from the interview with Volkert Distributing. Seems to me I should’ve seen it coming when the guy, named Tony, there didn’t need my resumé and the job app I filled out was a very light one-pager.

Already Tony did something to me that is a really bad turn-off. He kept the company’s real name hidden from me until halfway through the interview. Volkert Distributing is really the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company.

Now I remember my mother and my sister having owned Kirby vacuum cleaners, and they are great, long-lasting machines if somewhat of a bitch to reconfigure and lug up and down the stairs. So in spite of a product to be proud of, why does this company feel the need to hide its true name from potential employees? It makes me wonder what else the company has to hide.

I drove home from the interview this afternoon nursing a lot of questions in my head. This is not the first time the true name of the company for which I’d work would be withheld from me until halfway through the interview. It happened to me before, with a cutlery company named Cutco. What would happen if I took work with Kirby? Would I have to cough up that first round of sales contacts? Would I have to buy the sweeper I use to demonstrate in folks’ homes?

The only remaining thing that could be wrong with the company is with how the vacuum cleaners are sold. So as soon as I had come home, I brought up the My Yahoo page and searched for the phrase “selling Kirby”. Well, my research has led me to believe that quite a few people are very unhappy with the sales tactics used by the door-to-door sales personnel. Their tactics were high-pressure, unrelenting, and many a sales agent refused to leave when he was shown the door. Not the kind of thing to associate with my good name.

I’ve already let it slip in the interview that I quit a job once when I found the company to be less than ethical. I hope he got the message.


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