TruGreen non-interview

I have some good news to open with today. The thing I was worried about yesterday morning was when my $150 referral money was coming. I was afraid it would come later than my rent would be do. I wasn’t sitting on enough money at the time. But the money came in on time, and was automatically applied against my rent. The little I had could pay it, and I had enough left over to reregister my car.

Earlier today, I was at TruGreen in Lewis Center (north of Columbus) looking for another job interview. What I got was a presentation by the general manager about the recent success of TruGreen and how one can get in on it.

They do have some inbound call center for me to do, but they seem to need direct sales personnel more than anything, but 20 years ago, I made the mistake of trying to understand Grandma Stockdale, my Enlightened Leader who Cannot Possibly Be Wrong. Now all that I know about her has turned into a simulator that will continue to be my Enlightened Leader until the day I die. Just like she did, it ignores everything I say to it except two words, “George” and “sell”. And it’s saying, “Oh, so George still thinks he can sell something. I thought we had him so he believes with all his heart that nobody will buy anything from him. Nobody has any money. He needs to be indoctrinated some more.”

Well, since I didn’t get interviewed today, I got set up for a real interview next Tuesday at 9:30 AM. I’m going after inbound call center. I’m not sure at all if I can fall back on direct sales.


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