Paul Writes to Timothy

I’m pretty sure Pastor Shepherd wants me in a position of leadership at Overcomers Church Worldwide, but can’t elevate me there because I have not yet demonstrated a solid knowledge of both epistles of Paul the Apostle to Timothy. And the one thing standing between me and that is staff meetings at the House of Prayer.

I think I attend too many staff meetings there.

A severe thunderstorm is passing through the Columbus, Ohio area right now, and since my Internet service rarely survives a big thunderstorm, I thought I’d go offline and spend some quality time with my KJV and a clipboard. Believe it or not, I can achieve an intimacy with these two things that I cannot achieve on the web or in Second Life.

Here is what I learned so far from the first two chapters of 1st Timothy.

For both bishops and deacons, the requirements boil down to first governing oneself well, then governing one’s family well. One’s skill as an administrator can be seen most perfectly in how one administrates a family, the most basic unit of a society.

One must not be given to any addictions. One must not be given to a bad temper. If anything has the potential to wrest the steering wheel of your conduct away from the hands of calm reason, one must not be given to it. The same can be said for one’s spouse and children.

Now, I’ve chosen not to have a family, primarily because I knew I’d have my hands plenty full with governing myself and a single-bedroom flat. The skills involved are budgeting, self-control in staying within that budget, and making sure that the equipment and commodities God has entrusted to me are given back to Him in some way, shape or form.

Where I may be falling short is in the budgeting of my time. Whether I’m falling short, or where, is going to be the subject of my next session of prayer to God. Too many times lately, I’ve broken off my job hunting on the Web to see what was going on in SL. That worries me. Makes me wonder whether that extra employer or two I might have contacted yesterday might’ve been the one to hire me. This hurts, and perhaps might cause undue worry later on this month.

I’m out of “dirty tricks” for paying my rent and utilities, such as tax refunds and the bonus money one gets for referring new residents to your apartment complex. This month, either God does it for me, or it doesn’t get done.

This doesn’t help to put on display Skye Vanistok’s administrative skills.

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