New House of Prayer opens today

Builders Aura Baar and Aliandra Miami of House of Prayer have finished with the church’s new building and have installed it onto the Life Spirit sim. Here are a few photos to show what it looks like.

New House of Prayer building, front view

View of the altar and pulpit areas

Side view, close to the ampitheater

Interior shot of the front entrance

Beautiful new fountain, by Aura Baar

Pastor Armando Frangilli will be presenting the first sermon in the new structure this morning. I so look forward to it.

A very satanic looking “evil clown” was walking about the place, and even came in front of me to size me up. I’m not sure if he was thinking of causing trouble, but he certainly achieved the objective of looking provocative. I complemented him on his sword, and asked if he played En Garde. He said nothing. In the photo, he is not bowing toward me in respect. He is actually Away From Keyboard.

A second church service will be held later this afternoon at 2:00 PM Second Life Time (Pacific). All ye who are in SL are cordially invited.


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