Absentee ballot

The weeks leading up to the May 4 primary election has been blissfully free of those trash-talking political ads. We’re still four weeks out from the election, so this could change drastically, but there’s nothing to indicate that there’s any fat cats standing to make a killing from being able to persuade Ohio voters to vote a certain way.

Remember last November how the economy managed to beat and bludgeon Ohio voters into accepting four casinos? Well, the specific locations of those casinos were written into the Ohio Constitution, and once there, need another constitutional amendment to change.


The original Issue 3 amendment specified a downtown location in Columbus called the Arena District just a stone’s  throw away from such sports venues as Nationwide Arena (of NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets) and Huntington Park (Washington Nationals’ farm club Columbus Clippers). Now the casino owners are looking at an old GM plant on the west side of town as a better location for their casino. They now have to get the mother-may-I from voters from the entire state to move it out there.

I was never in favor of the casinos to begin with (in fact, Issue 3 was defeated in Franklin County), but I’m totally in favor of the new location. If we have to have a casino in town, the last place I want it is close to the sports arenas to suck them dry of revenue. Wanna gamble? It’s only a 15-minute drive. Besides, you look like the kind of person who wouldn’t mind losing some money anyway.

No big deal. Issue 2 should pass overwhelmingly.


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