Seeing some action

I woke up at a few minutes past 7:00 AM feeling like I had done nothing. Even though the ultimate objective of making the payment on Ooo Shinee had been achieved—through one of those infernal phone collectors—I still felt doomed.

Why do I feel like that, I wonder, even after I demonstrate the required ability to write large bill payments?

Until about 7:20, that is, when Lisa from RGIS Inventory called. A bunch of confirmed workers failed to show for this morning’s count at a Value City Furniture store, including one who had falsely confirmed his work schedule while still situated in St. Louis, MO. Without me, they would not have the 80% of the required counting personnel promised in the company’s contract with that store.

RGIS is quickly learning that they can count on me to turn out like a volunteer firefighter when they are short on personnel. To today’s work I can add an Old Navy store on Polaris Parkway that also came by way of my cell phone. Monday through Wednesday comes my regularly scheduled work at K-mart, Gander Mountain, and Target.

I’m starting to wonder if RGIS Inventory has what I call a “Mad Boss”. This, for the uninitiated, is an evil spirit being. Some would call it a minor deity. Its job is to work me to death by scheduling other people to call in sick, among other things. It is my experience, mostly from the uniformed security work that I did in the early 2000s, that a work schedule is not worth the paper it’s written on. The real work schedule I have to observe is revealed to me only on a need-to-know basis over the phone with sometimes less than an hour’s notice. It’s starting to look like that for RGIS.

I don’t think being worked to death is among my worries right now. I can’t kill myself with too much scanning bar codes and punching numbers. I’m getting out to see more of the town. Can’t be anything but healthy for me.

At least until my work for the U.S. Census kicks in. Don’t know what to expect after that. Still very much a wait and see thing.


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