Creative high

Plenty has intervened to keep me from writing up a good post. Phone calls from two recruiters, one desperately looking to fill a help desk analyst position by next Monday. Short little 4½-hour days in department stores scanning bar codes. A visit from the exterminator and several hours spent out of the apartment while it was being roach-bombed. And divine inspiration to write a sermon for Overcomers Church Worldwide about the Crucifixion as seen through the eyes of the repentant thief on the cross beside Jesus.

I recently got back from Anu Resources, a job recruiter in Dublin, OH. I was doing a first interview there to determine my suitability for a help desk analyst position at a yet unknown company. Two days before than, I talked to another recruiter on the phone. Spring has been good so far in bringing a fresh influx of call center openings to my attention. Both Monster and CareerBuilder seem to have more of them. Maybe I picked a poor time to get hired by an inventory outfit and the U.S. Census.

While I am on the subject of the U.S. Census, my training starts next Tuesday evening at 5:00. I know I’ll be getting $15.00/hr for doing the job itself over the eight weeks after that, but I am curious about how much I’ll be paid for the four evenings of training that I will do.

In the meantime, I’m praying that my first paycheck from the inventory company comes through tomorrow. My personal checkbook shows me as being nearly broke and the cupboard is getting bare.

In addition to my being on a bit of a creative high writing my sermon on the repentant thief, I’ve also been noticing quite a few things about the clothing stores where I’ve been counting. Did you know that at Old Navy, you can buy shirts with the sleeves already rolled up?  Really!! You really can buy your shirts that way. I wonder who the genius is that thought of that thoughtful little feature. I’ll write a little more on that later.

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