SL Viewer 2.0 flying bug

I want you to first look at the following video that depicts a bug in Second Life’s new Viewer 2.0.

Notice that the red fox avatar in the black T-shirt, filmed with Viewer 1.23, has no trouble sitting on the three wooden prims and standing up afterward. The brown wolf avatar in the white T-shirt however, is filmed using Viewer 2.0. Each time he sits, he stands up flying.

This is the trouble I’m having. This is a real bug, and many people have duplicated the same problem. If case you haven’t been following me, my avatar wears Icarus wings, which automatically spread and flap when the avatar goes into classic fly mode.

This concerns me greatly. Viewer 2.0 is already the only viewer that supports the new format YouTube videos. And at the end of April, many non-compliant third-party viewers such as Emerald will stop working with SL. Viewer 2.0 is fast becoming the mandatory viewer for Second Life.

Were not for the automatic flying bug, I’d toe the line and start using 2.0. I’ve already overcome the big learning curve and am somewhat used to using the new official SL viewer. Linden Labs really needs to fix this.


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