What gives?

Modesty and scripture forbids that I tell about a certain situation that I find myself in, but I am reminded of a certain gift given to the Temple in the Bible.

The sad thing about a certain widow and her gift of the two copper mites is that according to Scripture (Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:2-4), all Jesus did was compliment her on it. The widow gave all that she had, in faith, expecting God to return at least as much. Jesus saw this, and held her gift up as arguably history’s greatest example of charitable giving.

The Bible doesn’t say what happened to the widow after that. Perhaps an important lesson in how you should be motivated to give is taught in the fact that it is omitted. The best clue we have is Christ’s track record of rewarding faith wherever He finds it. And His knack for mysteriously putting coins into the mouths of fish (Matt. 17:24-30).


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