Ghost poll

A guy with the screen name TurboCute3000 wrote a poll for deviantArt that asks the following question:

“A dead celebrity has just possessed your computer! What do you do?!”

At the present writing, here are the results:

  • 31% said “Converse via word processing software”
  • 27% said “Pause in an awkward silence”
  • 13% said “My computer is possessed; I can’t do anything — duh”
  • 11% said “Suggest using the Let’s Play Llama Trading Game”
  • 10% said “Chat about the artistry of Lady Gaga”
  • 9% said “Scream, flail, and faint”
None of these losers did what I would have done. I would have told him about that deposed dictator I keep hearing from who needs help to smuggle money out of his country. Hook him up with that dictator, and in seven days all will be well. The dead celebrity will be too poor to possess anything.

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