Fun while it lasted

Pastor Samuele Shepherd, with great reluctance, decided to let the Fand sim go and search for a cheaper tract of land elsewhere. He tells me in an IM that he’s found a piece of land, and he waiting to show it Paster Kaboom Daxter and for the funding to come in.

I quickly searched for and found a place to live at Bright Corporation that rents for L$95 per month. It’s a sky chalet, and has a tight 40 prim limit, but part of the fun in living in such a place is in inventing your way around such limitations.

And the great thing is, somebody has already done most of the inventing. New tenants get a goodly collection of one-prim furniture.

My new sky chalet is a two-story structure with a turf-covered patio and a pool. It’s narrow, like a mobile home, but has large windows on either side, looking out over a featureless gray straight line horizon. Nothing. What do you expect for L$95 a month?

I’m pleased with the way I’ve landed on my feet, and I expect Overcomers Worldwide to do the same.

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