Log church

The new log church building

Here’s a couple of photos of the promised church building.

The builder of the church built a simple log structure, in keeping with the outdoorsy feel of the rest of Rose Hill.

According to Pastor Shepherd, the builder said he was not Christian, but felt prompted to provide this building at no charge. That is amazing. But more than that, I really think God forcibly transplanted Overcomers to Rose Hill with somebody specifically in mind. He wants to win that builder to Christ. Either him or somebody else who likes outdoorsy settings.

In this light, I feel like I owe God an apology. He was working a perfect plan and I couldn’t see it. I gave a large chunk of change to trying to save the Fand sim and when we lost it the following week, I became angry. That resulted in some pretty snarky writing in this blog. For that, I apologize to one and all. I should have trusted God better.

Hard Morphicon decision

I’m thinking about going to Morphicon only when needed, which is late Saturday.

I want to go all three days, but that royally upsets the panicky part of me, which would have me rip the convention off for every non-essential hour I can give to canvassing for the Census. I don’t like the financial situation I’m seeing in Europe, and I have to prepare for being unemployed again. The month of August is at stake; I’m not going to trade it for two days in May.

I’m, shall we say, desperate.


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