It seems that not a few of the pastoral staff of House of Prayer admits an addiction to a game called Cheesy from Brock Games.

Cheesy plays very faithfully to the classic board game Parcheesi. I had the opportunity to go through the rules of the game, which said that Cheesy differs from Parcheesi in that you don’t get to block a square by putting two of your pawns on it. Later revisions to the game allow you to block squares.

The downside to Cheesy is that a game table costs L$3,995, the equivalent to $16.62 US. I don’t think I would pay that much for a Parcheesi board in real life. But then, I don’t have to. Several years ago, I bought a cheap knock-off of the game from Dollar General for $2. Plus tax. The knock-off game differs from regulation Parcheesi in that it has fewer safe squares, only 8.

Heather Town now boasts two Cheesy tables, one in the campground place there by Pekka Haalan, and the other in the glass crow’s nest high over the sim placed there by LoveOvercomesAll Scarfould.

Prior to coming to Second Life, L.O.A. confesses to never having played Parcheesi. When he plays Cheesy, he plays aggressively, never sparing to bop opponents home for those extra 20 spaces it gives him. I liken his style of play to Godzilla stomping through Tokyo.

But you want to know what I really find funny? It’s the way otherwise solid Christians behave around the Cheesy table. Talk of addictions and evil and how the darker side of people comes out, and how people need deliverance from demons. It’s all tongue in cheek, mind you, but I still dare you to find talk like this around any game of Cheesy played by more secular folk.

I don’t see anything wrong with playing aggressively myself. Lots of players in the NFL are solid Christians, but they’ll pancake opposing players to the turf just as hard as anybody else. It’s all part of excelling in the game.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got some excelling to do.

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