Ooo Shinee hobbled by hit and run driver

Lately, I’ve been having to deal with a series of overdrafts at the bank that seem to come in a vicious cycle that almost feeds on itself. I even got an overdraft charge even after I spent $32 to put a stop payment on an auto payment. The bank completely ignored it and put the payment through against insufficient funds anyway.

I wasn’t going to tell you about that because moaning about misfortunes like that is simply not good for the Internet. Nobody likes sob stories. Nobody likes pathetic cries for help. Let us have no more bad news about me. Unless I can somehow tell of my own untimely demise and how it saves the human gene pool from blood tainted by utter loserdom.

But this one I have to tell you about.

Approximately 10:00 PM last night, more or less, I heard a loud bang. I got up from my computer and went to the window to see what might be going on, but since there were no voices or yelling, I dismissed it as not much.

Then I tried to drive Ooo Shinee to church this morning. A grinding noise came from the back. I got out and I found this:

A hit and run driver had struck Ooo Shinee as it was parked along the side of Shanley Drive, opening gashes in the driver’s side part of the rear fender.

Gashes in the fender I can take, but take a look at the low-swooping strut going into the left rear wheel. That wheel is horribly out of alignment, and the tire is grinding against the wheel well. The car cannot be driven in this state. The offending driver had to have been clearly over the 25 MPH speed limit to kill the wheel like that.

And right in the middle of a desperate race for the June rent. And I’m still overdrawn. Can you say “Lost wages”? Can you say “deductible”?

You just can’t blame this on my mental illness. Ugh!

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