Update on Ooo Shinee

I finally got some news on my car that was disabled last Saturday night.

The body shop where it’s being repaired has a special webcam that gives me pictures of  the car as it’s being repaired. As you can see, they’ve removed the bumper, the left taillight, and the left rear wheel. According to Nationwide Insurance, we are at step 3 of 10 in the process of repairing the car, that of disassembling it. The first two are submitting an estimate and getting it approved by the insurance company.

The body shop has given no estimate on how much damage was done to the car in the hit and run collision, but they have given a projected delivery date of June 11.

The next thing I need to do is answer some questions some of you may have about this situation. I was not carrying loss of use coverage at the time of the collision, so Nationwide will not pay rent me a car until then. The body shop does not have loaner cars either.

Next, I shall tell you about some actions that I am taking. I bought a 7-day bus pass for transportation to get me to the neighborhood that I am canvassing for the Census, and this will be reimbursed by the Census Bureau. I am  also actively looking for a 10-speed bicycle to use until I have my car back. The neighborhood that I am working in is small enough that I can service it with a bicycle. Speed limits being what they are, I can’t drive much faster anyway. A bicycle is important because as you complete questionnaires, the remaining addresses you have to service become fewer and farther between and impractical for working on foot.

Well, those are the straight facts about what’s happening. Can’t say anything more without going all drama llama on you and producing dreck that is not fit for Our Internet. Keep me in your prayers.


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