Everything not nailed down

You know something. I think I know the reason why I am being hammered with bank overdrafts and hit and run drivers.

It might be a black dude who lives in an apartment west of me, along the parking lot. I don’t exactly which one.

Well, two weeks ago last Saturday, I bought a box of car care products from this guy for $15.

Well, that purchase resulted in an overdraft at PNC Bank. At the time, I was not as knowledgable as I am now of PNC’s Evil Formula, how they like to arrange the day’s electronic payments in order of biggest amount to smallest amount and processing paychecks absolutely last in line, but that’s beside my story for the day.

Two days ago, under the guise of trying of helping me out during this time of having no car, he tried to sell me a small stack of all-day bus passes, near the end of the night when one-day passes (usually purchased on the bus itself) are nigh worthless. This morning, he offered himself as the go-to guy for buying food stamps.

Buying food stamps? That’s not how buying food works in my world.

In my anger, I told him, “Sir, you have no compassion. You know my situation backwards and forwards, and all you can think about is selling things to me? That’s kicking a man when he’s down.”

But then, after he apologized and left. I saw the classic motive for selling food stamps. He’s an addict of some sort. I don’t know what his jones is, but he’s definitely feeling the need to sell me everything not nailed down to supply it. I’m thinking God allowed Ooo Shinee to be rammed to keep this guy coming to my door with yet more things to sell. Kind of a draconian thing to do to call my attention back to doing God’s will, but maybe I needed it to make me open to what God wants.

Could God be laying this man upon my heart? Could I be instrumental in his salvation? I wonder…


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