Good call

I’m very happy right now. The paycheck that showed up at the bank was enough to cover the June rent. And I have enough on hand to go to Family Dollar for some more coffee. I knew working throughout Morphicon weekend would be the difference between paying the rent and being late. That decision was well rewarded.


On the web, I found this law firm named Anapol Schwartz who is researching potential class action lawsuits against major banks such as PNC Bank who resort each day’s transactions from high amounts to low for the maximum take in overdraft fees. I told one of their operators how PNC completely ignored a stop payment I put on a payment to Santander Consumer, who holds my auto loan. The payment came cruising on into the pending queue, took its place at the head of the line, and bounced all my other payments for that day. PNC has since refunded the payment, but not the overdraft fees.

The law firm is very interested in hearing more about this.


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