Ooo Shinee Update

Dan Vanoy of Tru2Form Body Shop called this morning. He told me of how the painting work on the new quarter panel has just commenced, and will done before reassembling the rear end. I’m not quite sure I can explain it to myself, much less you.

Okay, let me tell you of some positive things. One, I’ve managed to stop the bleeding in the bank account. I think that happened about two weeks ago, but here’s what I plan to help me out in the future.

I have all my automatic payments loaded into Yahoo Calendar, which will warn be by email when they are about to hit my account. When I receive the warnings, I will put them into my daily Evil Banking Formula spreadsheet in my computer. The spreadsheet will start with my posted balance—the only balance in the web site that is real—deduct in order of descending amount every transaction in the pending queue, and finally add any paychecks in the pending queue. I will know down to the penny what is happening in that account before it happens.

PNC Bank has released my bank statement for this month, and I quickly forwarded a copy of it to Ken Grunfeld, a lawyer for Anapol Schwartz, along with a scan of a page from Consumer Disclosures and Agreements that proves that PNC Bank does have this pending queue, and the days transactions that accumulate there are indeed processed in order of descending dollar amounts. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Grunfeld comes up with next Monday.

It’s raining today, so I’m taking the day off to mess with a new theme here in this blog, and what kind of new widgets I can use in it. I really need to know what I can do here in this particular web site. I’m sure I can put in some fun new features if I can just take the time to discover what they are.

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