Why did I start BSC?

Right now, I’m between “About Me” pages for Big Skye’s Country. I pitched the one I had because the information there is getting too old. But right now, I’m facing a kind of writer’s block about what to write on that particular page about myself.

So let’s engage in a little bit of freewriting, shall we?

I decided to write a monologue for Snippets Comedy Club called “The Quest for Fun”. I decided to ask myself the basic questions one must ask oneself at the outset of every research paper:

  • What do you already know about your topic?
  • What do you want to know about your topic?
  • What is your primary audience?
  • What is your secondary audience?

It is at this point that my mind went off on a tangent and began to think about Big Skye’s Country. While I already know quite a bit about the topic—myself—I didn’t stop to think what kind of an audience I wanted to address when I started my blog.

I’m not saying that when you start a personal blog you must target a specific audience. I’m pretty sure nobody ever thinks to do this. There is no wrong or stupid in it.

I started a blog in WordPress.com because I wanted a “grown up” blog that didn’t sit in the same neighborhood as those written by teenagers or even pre-teens. I wanted my blog to be an attractively-packaged publication.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to writing a personal blog. A blog doesn’t charge you hundreds of dollars an hour and prescribe dangerous drugs to you. If nothing else, I get the benefit of some 45 minutes every few days of being honest with myself.

The disadvantage of a personal blog is that what I write is totally out in the public and may fall under the eye of somebody who may hate on it, or at the very least say that I am not being honest with myself. That’s the risk I run putting myself out there like that.


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