Small victories

I’m happy to say I’ve stopped the bleeding of money from my checking account from last month, and successfully bought my car out of the collision repair shop.

Successes! Minor victories! My God, how my sad sack life has desperately needed those!

I’m far from what most people would call normal, though. (What really is normal?) I narrowly escaped having my cable internet chopped for non-payment. And after all that noble, effective spending of funds, I am now sitting on a small cache of food money that I am guarding jealously.

And guess what happens. The chairman of Morphicon calls a staff meeting for 8:00 PM tonight. SonicBlu, Dark, and WolfDog will need to be ferried to the far side of town. I did not figure that into my budget for this week.

Just when you think you’re doing pretty good, you learn where you’re failing miserably.


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