End of Census NRFU

The Non-Response Follow-Up phase of my work for the U.S. Census ended Tuesday. I performed well at it, and I fully expect to be called back in a week or two for verifying vacant and deleted addresses.

The paycheck I got Wednesday was good, and most importantly, PNC Bank did not find any tiny fraction of an excuse to take any of it. A surprise charge from Intelius People Look-up had me 98¢ overdrawn over last weekend, but I disputed that as an unauthorized charge, and PNC reversed that, and the overdraft fee that it caused.

I agreed to make a car payment to Santander Consumer for Wednesday, and I spent Wednesday chewing my fingernails almost up to the second knuckle. The confirmation email I got that morning had me thinking that the payment would go through before my pay was safely out of that digital limbo called a pending queue. Fortunately, the Santander payment didn’t show up until today.

Sadly, out of work is out of work. There was this career fair going on at the Aladdin Shrine Center yesterday, but I willfully missed that and did two loads of laundry instead. It would be wasted effort to go there with my clothes reeking to knock a buzzard off a gut wagon.

Ooo Shinee is fueled up and ready for the upcoming week of inventory work, and I believe I’m set up well for paying the rent next Wednesday. All is going to plan, and I did the best I possibly could, and got the best I could possibly hope for.

After that? Well, I don’t quite know. Kindly keep me in your prayers.

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