Myth and fact

Let me let you in on a little thing God let me in on tonight.

MYTH: God cannot move in a miracle in your crisis because you do not have enough faith.

FACT: God created the earth and the heavens at a time when there were no humans around to provide the faith. The sea, the land, the atmophere, all the animals, the Garden of Eden that was to provide Adam and his descendants with food, everything came before Adam drew his first breath. Human faith had zero hand in all that. If God needed human faith to get anything done, He’d have gotten nothing done.

If God can do all that creating on zero faith, then God can provide my needs for a job and money on anywhere from 1% to 99% of the required amount of faith. That’s a very comforting thought, as there is no way to gauge how much faith I have or how much faith I allegedly need.

What is faith? It is confidence that God can and will give me what I ask, in accordance with His promises. I have the creation story to tell me that God can do it, and I have Luke 12:29-32 to tell me that God will do it.

Guess what. I think I’ve just demonstrated that I have “enough” faith.


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