Not much time

In light of the fact that Congress finally delivered an extension of unemployment benefits to President Obama’s desk, I went to JobLeaders, sat down to one of their computers, and filled out an app for extended benefits. I think.

And this afternoon, I did a skills assessment for a temporary staffing agency called Adecco. And right now I’m coughing and my windpipe is stinging with what feels like bronchitis. Stay in prayer for me.

I should hope that I’m doing enough. There’s that nasty little thing I have called my Inner Critic (to give it a name even an atheist can accept) that constantly accuses me of not doing enough quickly enough.

It’s ridiculous. The sad thing about hunting for a job is there is so much of it that is dependent on what other people do. The boss is always free to hire the other guy, and I can’t control that. You can promise me that I will get killed at 9:00 PM the evening of July 31 if I don’t have a job by then, and it might put an extra spring in my step, but it still does not guarantee I’ll find employment.

And yet the Inner Critic would hold me accountable for that which I cannot control.

But I am finding some success at copying Sudoku puzzles into Second Life. At least I’m doing that much.


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