God is merciful today

I am not losing my Internet service as abruptly and completely as I had originally thought I would. I still have the Web for right now, and I can keep track of such needful things as my bank balance and the weather, but my email through Insight is gone.

Having the Breckenridge office fax my pay stub from RGIS Inventory to the unemployment office worked to release the benefits they had held there for several weeks, but alas, it was the last of my Tier 1 benefits. No more will come until Congress says so.

The replacement for the late Senator John Byrd of West Virginia turned out to be a Democrat, giving them 60 senators and the ability to override a Republican filibuster. No word yet on whether they’ll make the attempt to extend unemployment benefits.

God has been merciful today, allowing me to get away with adding more time to my prepaid cell phone. When I bought it, the $21.35 I spent appeared immediately in my checking account’s pending queue. I had feared it would be processed ahead of the $20 worth of gasoline and two $3.00 food purchases I had made earlier (larger amounts are processed ahead of smaller ones), and ahead of the unemployment money that was still in the queue (deposits are processed last of all).

The cell phone purchase stayed in the pending queue for an extra day, so I can give myself back the $108 of overdraft charges it would have incurred.

A small paycheck from the U.S. Census appeared in the pending queue today, and the available balance looks good. I still contend that the number in my account called “Available Balance” is a baldfaced lie. PNC Bank should not call a deposit available when their depositing policy effectively keeps it off the books for one more business day. If I can’t use the money, I’d rather not know about it.

In any case, the hard choice I have to make is no longer car versus apartment, but Internet versus apartment, and that’s a slightly easier choice to make.


The hardest decisions

I don’t know how to tell you about this, or even if I should tell you.

I have your basic American male fear of failure. I would sooner eat aluminum siding than tell you in this WordPress blog of how I have failed miserably. I want to keep my mouth shut. Nobody has to know about this. Nobody wants to know. It would pollute Our Internet to tell of it.

But since there are those who would wonder about me and worry about me, I need to tell about it anyway. I am coming to the hardest decisions I have ever had to make about material possessions and creature comforts and which of these I can afford to keep.

The one that will have the biggest effect on you, my friends, is my Internet service. I cannot afford to keep it. Insight will pull the plug on me in the next few days for nonpayment, and there is nothing I can do about. it.

Another thing that will have a big effect on my locally, is I have come to a decision about my apartment and my car. It’s as plain as the nose on my face I cannot afford both. So, I have chosen to keep my car. I have a feeling I can more easily get somebody to help with shelter than with wheels. I’m not sure if I have made the right choice, choosing car over apartment. I should never have to make such a choice, but I do, and I would feel better once I have charted my course clearly.

By Saturday, I will have done my last work for the U.S. Census. I have not lined up another job to replace it. The unemployment office is having some issues about how much benefits to pay me in light of the inventory job that I work, and I need to fax them a pay stub to prove that I work there. They have held three benefit checks to date. I can’t expect anything from them in the next ten business days.

I’m telling you about this as matter-of-factly as I can, stating only the straight facts. And with that, I must bow out for a moment, and continue to try to do the best I can with what little God has given me.

Good call

I’m very happy right now. The paycheck that showed up at the bank was enough to cover the June rent. And I have enough on hand to go to Family Dollar for some more coffee. I knew working throughout Morphicon weekend would be the difference between paying the rent and being late. That decision was well rewarded.


On the web, I found this law firm named Anapol Schwartz who is researching potential class action lawsuits against major banks such as PNC Bank who resort each day’s transactions from high amounts to low for the maximum take in overdraft fees. I told one of their operators how PNC completely ignored a stop payment I put on a payment to Santander Consumer, who holds my auto loan. The payment came cruising on into the pending queue, took its place at the head of the line, and bounced all my other payments for that day. PNC has since refunded the payment, but not the overdraft fees.

The law firm is very interested in hearing more about this.

Fun while it lasted

Pastor Samuele Shepherd, with great reluctance, decided to let the Fand sim go and search for a cheaper tract of land elsewhere. He tells me in an IM that he’s found a piece of land, and he waiting to show it Paster Kaboom Daxter and for the funding to come in.

I quickly searched for and found a place to live at Bright Corporation that rents for L$95 per month. It’s a sky chalet, and has a tight 40 prim limit, but part of the fun in living in such a place is in inventing your way around such limitations.

And the great thing is, somebody has already done most of the inventing. New tenants get a goodly collection of one-prim furniture.

My new sky chalet is a two-story structure with a turf-covered patio and a pool. It’s narrow, like a mobile home, but has large windows on either side, looking out over a featureless gray straight line horizon. Nothing. What do you expect for L$95 a month?

I’m pleased with the way I’ve landed on my feet, and I expect Overcomers Worldwide to do the same.

TruGreen non-interview

I have some good news to open with today. The thing I was worried about yesterday morning was when my $150 referral money was coming. I was afraid it would come later than my rent would be do. I wasn’t sitting on enough money at the time. But the money came in on time, and was automatically applied against my rent. The little I had could pay it, and I had enough left over to reregister my car.

Earlier today, I was at TruGreen in Lewis Center (north of Columbus) looking for another job interview. What I got was a presentation by the general manager about the recent success of TruGreen and how one can get in on it.

They do have some inbound call center for me to do, but they seem to need direct sales personnel more than anything, but 20 years ago, I made the mistake of trying to understand Grandma Stockdale, my Enlightened Leader who Cannot Possibly Be Wrong. Now all that I know about her has turned into a simulator that will continue to be my Enlightened Leader until the day I die. Just like she did, it ignores everything I say to it except two words, “George” and “sell”. And it’s saying, “Oh, so George still thinks he can sell something. I thought we had him so he believes with all his heart that nobody will buy anything from him. Nobody has any money. He needs to be indoctrinated some more.”

Well, since I didn’t get interviewed today, I got set up for a real interview next Tuesday at 9:30 AM. I’m going after inbound call center. I’m not sure at all if I can fall back on direct sales.

Busy week

I was not able to do as much job hunting as I wanted to do this week.

I took the Interviewing Skills Workshop that they offered at the National Center for Urban Solutions of E. Broad Street. At the end of the class, they did a mock interview with and critiqued it. I found out that I ramble an awful lot without actually giving them the information about me that they ask for. I need to fix that bad habit.

After I had come home and corrected two typos on my resumé, the small errands began to come in. Two other guys on the apartment grounds named Woody and Dale needed to fetch their laptop computer back from the pawn shop.

The guys in the Furry House made great use of me. Wednesday evening, they asked me to help bring the Toyota of Latex Fox over from Trinity Square Apartments. And I topped off the night by taking SonicBlu and Wolfdog to Kroger.

So satisfied was I with the work I did Wednesday that I insisted on having Thursday off from job hunting. I did pretty much nothing yesterday save for paying my late rent.

Today I did the online skills assessment for Dish Network. Unlike the last time I took this test, their computer didn’t let me make an appointment for an interview. I guess I’m to wait for their phone call instead.

Blame me

I wake up each morning taking some hard shelling from the opposition inside my brain.

Call it the Inner Critic, call it the Devil, call it coming out of denial, call it what you like, but whatever it is, it likes to blame me for the economic danger that I’m in. It says I brought it on myself because spent too much money on something or other. Take a listen at what went through my brain just moments before I got up.

You know that $7.50 dinner you ate at China Way eight days ago? That’s the fatal mistake that’s going to do you in. It’s $7.50 you’re going to wish to God you can have back before the week is out.

How about that $14.62 you spent at Big Lots for a 4GB memory card for a digital camera on February 11? That’s something you didn’t exactly need, either. More money you’ll wish you had back.

Doesn’t look good for you, genius.

I tell you, this part of my mind is ripping me open a new one.

Oh, sure, you’re going to tell your baldfaced lies about this. You’re going to say the money is from your income tax refund, and you’re entitled to splurge it a little. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

You’re also going to say the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services dropped the ball, docking you twice for only one week of work. Makes no difference what they do, puke-for-brains. Your job is to adapt to anything thrown at you and adapt successfully. Adapt or die. Been that way since the first amoeba breathed.

But you can’t mean this! The world is throwing all this trouble at me and no help to deal with it? It’s impossible to come up with all the money everybody wants. And now you’re flaying me alive because I can’t do the impossible? This is unfair.

Another of your accursed baldfaced lies! Fairness is purely an invention of man, and it’s just like man to expect the world to be fair. The world is not obligated to be fair. What it is obligated to do is destroy the weak so only the strong can go on to have babies and keep the species strong. Sayonara, weakling.

I wish I could train my heart not to believe this guy.