It’s all over

We got the six denizens of the Furry House moved to a three-bedroom townhome in the Breckenridge Apartments. With the possible exception of having to fetch SonicBlu and Alan back from the Greyhound station this coming Friday, my job is pretty much done with them.

I suck kind of pathetically as a productive member of society, but as an angel bear, I’d have to say I did a pretty good job with these guys.

As usual, I woke up P.O.-ed at myself. Another day has come and gone, and still I enjoy no paychecks. What the heck is wrong with me?

Looking back, even when I was working, I would wake up on a business day angry at myself, so I don’t know what it’s going to take to satisfy my inner critic. Maybe not just a job, but job security. Or maybe just security itself.

College football boards

Yeah! That’s where my anger is coming from. I’m feeling very insecure. Insecurity and anger go hand in hand, I think. Lord knows I see enough insecurity and anger on the college football fan boards. The National Championship game will come and go, and the Top 25 will sort out one final time. After that comes one final snort of anger from the college football fandom over how two or three undefeated teams were snubbed for the NC game.

Sorry. Only two teams on the field at one time, please. Though I can easily see how this season provides powerful evidence for the pro-playoff camp.

And if Ohio State manages no more than to stay at #8, I’m happy. At least a lot fewer people are laughing at them.

Now to look at the basketball boards to see if people there are more civil.


Moving and materialism

I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can finally more or less ride off into the sunset. Less than a week after SonicBlu’s housing crisis broke, God has him and his entourage into a nice three-bedroom townhome. Problem solved.

Now I can only hope God has taken note of my unselfishness throughout the week and elects to keep me here at the Breckenridge as well. He can still elect to force me somewhere else, may His will come before mine, but to be honest, I don’t want to be homeless.

It’s been tons of fun watching six young men attempt to empty an apartment that’s taken on the appearance of an enclosed landfill in the five years they’ve live there.

The big lesson learned today: Don’t acquire more stuff than you want to move every five years or so. Nothing cures you of materialism quite like being forced to move into a new apartment.

I’ve lived at the Breckenridge Apartments 3½ years, longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in Central Ohio. I reckon nobody gets to live longer than five years in any one apartment, so it’s stupid to hang onto junk any longer than you have to. Best to keep your belongings light and easy to move.

Somebody Else’s Crisis

There is a faint glimmer of hope.

I got a call from Teleperformance this morning scheduling my job interview with them next Monday afternoon. In the meantime, we have reached December 11, and the Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services have not given me word back on whether or not they will approve the reopening of my unemployment claim. This is getting hairier than Lon Chaney Jr. under a full moon and every bit as scary.

At the present time, I don’t know how I’m going to pay the January rent, and I find myself having to take time out of this crisis to help SonicBlu and his roommates deal with theirs.

Their story goes like this: Monday, the new management at Trinity Square Apartments, on Dublin-Granville Road close to the intersection of Cleveland Ave., are looking to redo the floors in the apartments. They came by the Furry House to find to find six roommates living in the narrow little 2-bedroom apartment. Their lease allows only 4 tenants. Perhaps unreasonably, they gave the group 48 hours to decide how to shed two of their number.

SonicBlu didn’t like the get-it-done-yesterday stance he was given, so he decided to move the whole group out of there. I gave them the link to my apartment complex, the Breckenridge Apartments, located south of Morse Road, east of Karl.

The furry group has only one functioning motor vehicle between the six of them, so over the past couple of days, I’ve been shuttling these guys back and forth from their present 2-bedroom flat at Trinity Square to Breckenridge Apartments where they signed up to move into a 3-bedroom townhome this coming weekend.

I’ll even get $150 for referring them to Breckenridge, but that won’t come until they’ve lived there and paid rent for 3 months. No chance of that money coming to my rescue at the end of this month.

If you’re in Columbus and can lend these souls a helping paw, please email me at AngelBearOH01(at)insight·rr·com, and I’ll fill you in on all the details.

More gadgets

Skye as reporterFamily Dollar is offering a digital still camera for $10 and a small digital video camera for $40.

Should I bite? After all, I do fancy myself a citizen journalist. Such gadgets would be a boon for my blogging.

I got my pay for the week, and bought myself earbuds and a supply of AAA batteries for my MP3 player. And a 10-pack of socks. I don’t feel right unless I have a strong supply of AAA batteries for both my Palm IIIxe and my MP3.

Scratch that. I need a strong supply of everything. If you were to look at my apartment, you would notice an oversupply of paper, both plain copier and college-ruled notebook. In the bathroom, I usually have more than one bottle each of  shampoo and body wash. What I’m not oversupplied on is toilet paper and dishwasher detergent, and I’m thinking seriously about getting such tomorrow morning. I have an extra cartridge of black ink for my printer, even though I don’t use it that much, and I’m starting to feel a strong cry toward getting more colored ink.

And I feel the need to pay the Internet bill off early, too. God forbid I should run low on that. Oh well. Pay the bills when I get home.

One shot, one hurt

First off, let me post in this blog a link to a story on 10 TV News HD concerning a tragic shooting in which one of the residents here at the Breckenridge Apartments has lost his life. According to the report, the shots were fired around 7:30 PM. There were police cars and an ambulance, but I dismissed it as nothing serious, and lay in bed from 8:15 to 9:30. Police cars, ambulances, and fire engines come through here so often that it’s very hard to know when something really heavy is going down. I had no real way of knowing what had happened until I got up at 9:30 PM to find two TV news trucks across the street with their telescoping dish antennas up, fixing to beam a live broadcast downtown. I went outside, looked a little ways north on Alona Drive, and saw the police line tape around the courtyard.

Landline phone shopping

After February, the question comes up of what to do with $180 per month I am no longer paying to a greedy Internet loan shark.

I am being strongly encouraged to return to working from home. Some of that money will have to be invested into landline phone service, and when I have the service reinstated, I’ll have to do what no other Work@Home agent has ever done: go through every company’s service contract with a fine-tooth comb, making sure nothing is in there that forbids call center work.

Do I even dare to tell the phone company I need the service specifically to do call center work from home? I have a magicJack. I have no personal need for landline telephone service, only a business need. All of the company’s Work@Home agents are abusing their residential phone service. Asking around for residential phone service specifically for the purpose of abusing it doing call center work sounds very unethical, and makes me wonder how MCI Telephone put up with this practice for nearly a year.

I guess if you paid me $60 each month, I would be tolerant of almost anything.


My new couch.

My new couch.

I had a very productive weekend. I helped move two people to new addresses, and in return received the mini sofa you see here. This is great. Until moving day, I had only an office chair and a plastic patio chair to sit on throughout the entire apartment.

I bought a new cell phone and MP3 player, received my state tax refund, and put in an in-costume appearance at Rayvenwolfe‘s furmeet at Sequoia Pro Bowl.

Much remains to be done, but some of that is now feasable thanks to the cell phone. The BillPay 2000 outfit through which I make monthly payments to my debt management plan needs to be made aware of the new bank account I’ve been forced to open early in December. They are accessible only through an 800 number. They offer no other phone number, no web site, no mailing address, no crystal ball, no scrying spell, nor other means of contacting them.

My MagicJack phone is incapable of dialing 800 numbers. A glaring oversight, indeed.

Man, I can’t wait to listen to Mike & Mike In the Morning to see where XLIII ranks alongside the great Super Bowls to ever be played. Call me crazy, but when Pittsburgh had vanquished the last opponent of the year, my thoughts immediately went to the opponent called history. The Vince Lombardi Trophy just wasn’t good enough. Is this game the greatest Super Bowl ever played? Did it beat all other programming in the Neilsen ratings? Did it sell more soap?

It was the same way when Ohio State won the national championship in January 2003. My imagination immediately found new opponents for the Buckeyes. Would the Fiesta Bowl beat all other programming in the Nielsen ratings? Would the Bucks beat all other schools in players taken in the NFL draft? Would the NFL adopt the college system of resolving games tied at the end of regulation play? I just wasn’t satisfied with just the championship. There had to be other ways to defeat all comers.

I guess it’s just my nature to be dissatisfied with everything. The winning should spread to everything it touches. At what point will I call the struggle for the grand prize ended?