Retraction: Pastor Sid

I have personally conversed with Lynne Applewhyte of House of Prayer’s pastoral staff. She tells me that Carl Honeycutt, under the  avatar name Sid Lamilton, left House of Prayer, and Second Life, to pursue a career outside the ministry. It’s as simple as that. Nobody asked him to leave the pastorship of HoP with the possible exception of God Himself. Lynne also denies that Pastor Samuele Shepherd ever counselled with HoP’s pastoral staff in the days immediately after Carl left.

There is nothing wrong or untoward about the circumstances under which Carl Honeycutt left his Second Life ministry. I was wrong to imply in any way that there was. I am deeply sorry for the hand I took in needlessly soiling an innocent man’s reputation, and I want to make it right. To that end, I have removed the post titled “HoP Pastor Steps Down”, as there is no room for inaccurate material in this blog.

I thank God I said nothing at all about the “other misdeeds”, or I would have been as guilty of libel as any blogger can possibly be.

I am reminded of a strong disagreement I had with the content of a sermon preached Rev. Nowintimeasnare Foxtrot at last March’s Let It Rain revival. I committed the egregious error of writing about it here first ahead of meeting with Rev. Nowin privately to tell him of my objections. Although circumstances here are quite different, the sin I committed is absolutely the same.

I gossipped!

Yes, I was right in boldfacing and italicizing that word. This sin needs to be laid out before you, naked as a jaybird, so you can see all its ugliness before God. I was wrong to do it, and ask the forgiveness of all and sundry, especially that of Carl Honeycutt.

The recent developments have impressed upon me how remarkably small a world the Internet can be. Content from one site is regularly plagiarized to another, usually for the purpose of framing it with a sponsor’s advertisements. The may account for how a backlink to BSC got into a page on Facebook.

The stats page of my blog tells me that new readers, contributing to a high spike of 50 readers overall last Friday, accessed this blog from a page on Facebook. I still haven’t found the exact Facebook page that makes reference to Page 5 of BSC. I would appreciate it if you can tell me where I can find this link.

In any case, I find myself questioning my involvement in blogging. If I am forever bound to publish nothing about wrongdoing until I have privately warned the wrongdoer, away from prying eyes, then what good is this blog?

That is a good question. Maybe it falls to me to provide a good answer.



It seems that not a few of the pastoral staff of House of Prayer admits an addiction to a game called Cheesy from Brock Games.

Cheesy plays very faithfully to the classic board game Parcheesi. I had the opportunity to go through the rules of the game, which said that Cheesy differs from Parcheesi in that you don’t get to block a square by putting two of your pawns on it. Later revisions to the game allow you to block squares.

The downside to Cheesy is that a game table costs L$3,995, the equivalent to $16.62 US. I don’t think I would pay that much for a Parcheesi board in real life. But then, I don’t have to. Several years ago, I bought a cheap knock-off of the game from Dollar General for $2. Plus tax. The knock-off game differs from regulation Parcheesi in that it has fewer safe squares, only 8.

Heather Town now boasts two Cheesy tables, one in the campground place there by Pekka Haalan, and the other in the glass crow’s nest high over the sim placed there by LoveOvercomesAll Scarfould.

Prior to coming to Second Life, L.O.A. confesses to never having played Parcheesi. When he plays Cheesy, he plays aggressively, never sparing to bop opponents home for those extra 20 spaces it gives him. I liken his style of play to Godzilla stomping through Tokyo.

But you want to know what I really find funny? It’s the way otherwise solid Christians behave around the Cheesy table. Talk of addictions and evil and how the darker side of people comes out, and how people need deliverance from demons. It’s all tongue in cheek, mind you, but I still dare you to find talk like this around any game of Cheesy played by more secular folk.

I don’t see anything wrong with playing aggressively myself. Lots of players in the NFL are solid Christians, but they’ll pancake opposing players to the turf just as hard as anybody else. It’s all part of excelling in the game.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got some excelling to do.

Log church

The new log church building

Here’s a couple of photos of the promised church building.

The builder of the church built a simple log structure, in keeping with the outdoorsy feel of the rest of Rose Hill.

According to Pastor Shepherd, the builder said he was not Christian, but felt prompted to provide this building at no charge. That is amazing. But more than that, I really think God forcibly transplanted Overcomers to Rose Hill with somebody specifically in mind. He wants to win that builder to Christ. Either him or somebody else who likes outdoorsy settings.

In this light, I feel like I owe God an apology. He was working a perfect plan and I couldn’t see it. I gave a large chunk of change to trying to save the Fand sim and when we lost it the following week, I became angry. That resulted in some pretty snarky writing in this blog. For that, I apologize to one and all. I should have trusted God better.

Hard Morphicon decision

I’m thinking about going to Morphicon only when needed, which is late Saturday.

I want to go all three days, but that royally upsets the panicky part of me, which would have me rip the convention off for every non-essential hour I can give to canvassing for the Census. I don’t like the financial situation I’m seeing in Europe, and I have to prepare for being unemployed again. The month of August is at stake; I’m not going to trade it for two days in May.

I’m, shall we say, desperate.

Arboreal setting for Overcomers

I knew something good would come of Overcomers having to give up the Fand region. Within a week, Pastor Samuele Shepherd found new land for us. It’s beautiful. God replaced Fand with “God’s country”.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” — Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

OCWW at Rose Hill sim

The Rose Hill sim is a more arboreal setting, with many tall trees on a grassy island surrounded by water and photorealistic mountains. It’s beautiful and a joy to fly through. I would definitely want my piece of Heaven to look like this.

The campfire for the Tuesday night Bible studies is better than the one we had at Fand. A simple campfire with a bunch of stumps and logs to sit on. The animation that take over my avatar as I sit on them are better. And they allow me to use my gestures whenever necessary, too.

We hope to have the first service tonight in the “old” building Pastor Samuele had before moving to Fand last January. But don’t expect to have that building long. He says he’s working with a builder on a more rustic log structure, to be built in the near future.

Fun while it lasted

Pastor Samuele Shepherd, with great reluctance, decided to let the Fand sim go and search for a cheaper tract of land elsewhere. He tells me in an IM that he’s found a piece of land, and he waiting to show it Paster Kaboom Daxter and for the funding to come in.

I quickly searched for and found a place to live at Bright Corporation that rents for L$95 per month. It’s a sky chalet, and has a tight 40 prim limit, but part of the fun in living in such a place is in inventing your way around such limitations.

And the great thing is, somebody has already done most of the inventing. New tenants get a goodly collection of one-prim furniture.

My new sky chalet is a two-story structure with a turf-covered patio and a pool. It’s narrow, like a mobile home, but has large windows on either side, looking out over a featureless gray straight line horizon. Nothing. What do you expect for L$95 a month?

I’m pleased with the way I’ve landed on my feet, and I expect Overcomers Worldwide to do the same.

SL Viewer 2.0 flying bug

I want you to first look at the following video that depicts a bug in Second Life’s new Viewer 2.0.

Notice that the red fox avatar in the black T-shirt, filmed with Viewer 1.23, has no trouble sitting on the three wooden prims and standing up afterward. The brown wolf avatar in the white T-shirt however, is filmed using Viewer 2.0. Each time he sits, he stands up flying.

This is the trouble I’m having. This is a real bug, and many people have duplicated the same problem. If case you haven’t been following me, my avatar wears Icarus wings, which automatically spread and flap when the avatar goes into classic fly mode.

This concerns me greatly. Viewer 2.0 is already the only viewer that supports the new format YouTube videos. And at the end of April, many non-compliant third-party viewers such as Emerald will stop working with SL. Viewer 2.0 is fast becoming the mandatory viewer for Second Life.

Were not for the automatic flying bug, I’d toe the line and start using 2.0. I’ve already overcome the big learning curve and am somewhat used to using the new official SL viewer. Linden Labs really needs to fix this.

New House of Prayer opens today

Builders Aura Baar and Aliandra Miami of House of Prayer have finished with the church’s new building and have installed it onto the Life Spirit sim. Here are a few photos to show what it looks like.

New House of Prayer building, front view

View of the altar and pulpit areas

Side view, close to the ampitheater

Interior shot of the front entrance

Beautiful new fountain, by Aura Baar

Pastor Armando Frangilli will be presenting the first sermon in the new structure this morning. I so look forward to it.

A very satanic looking “evil clown” was walking about the place, and even came in front of me to size me up. I’m not sure if he was thinking of causing trouble, but he certainly achieved the objective of looking provocative. I complemented him on his sword, and asked if he played En Garde. He said nothing. In the photo, he is not bowing toward me in respect. He is actually Away From Keyboard.

A second church service will be held later this afternoon at 2:00 PM Second Life Time (Pacific). All ye who are in SL are cordially invited.