Security policy

skyesecretSecurity policy

This page is to spell out a kind of personal policy of sorts, a list of rules of things that I should not ever talk about in this blog for one reason or another, mostly reasons of security.

I will not discuss my money.

I will never publish any specific amounts of the money I presently possess or expect to earn in the future. This blog can be read by anybody in the world, even by a junkie two doors down from me. I’m surrounded on all sides by people who will do anything to get that next needle in their arm, and I don’t want anybody to know exactly how much they can expect to get by clubbing me in the head and taking my debit card.

It is for this very reason that I will also never tint my car’s windows. I believe the very reason the car’s windows remain intact is because I give everybody a good, honest look at the nothing they will get when they break them.

I will not identify my employer.

When I talk about my job, I will not identify my employer by name. My reasons are twofold.

  1. No employer likes to be talked about in any employee’s blog.
  2. If you don’t know who my boss is, you can’t call him up and regale him about any of my misdeeds, be they real or imagined.

As I think of more good rules of things to never discuss in this personal “newspaper” of mine, I will post them here.


2 thoughts on “Security policy

  1. Speaking of tinting windows, it’s amazing how many addicts and pushers are caught simply because their windows are tinted so dark that they attract the attention of police. In trying to remain hidden, they announce themselves to the world.

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